Dsc - Encrypting Credentials

Using credentials in a DSC configuration is almost unavoidable. Storing your credentials in plain text is absolutely avoidable, and should be a requirement for you; even a lab environment.

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PowerShell - Automate SCCM AD PreReqs

This is a continuation of automating Sccm prerequisites part 1 and part 2.

This post will be about setting up the Active Directory prerequisites. Specifically creating the System Management container and adding the relevant permissions to that container. I will not be tackling the AD Schema extension. The executable in the Sccm installation media (ExtADSch.exe) does the job perfectly and quickly.

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PowerShell - Automate SCCM PreReq Downloads

I have recently started working with SCCM, which means building (and rebuilding) lab environments for it. I have found that just getting all the prerequisites installed can be tedious and time consuming. Even more so when your SCCM server is not connected to the internet.

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